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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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s, but none measure up to this. testing begins in march. in bethesda, i'm kevin lewis. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc seven breaking news. >> 80 people are injured, seven seriously, after he ceiling in a theater in london collapse. >> it happened during the height of the performance. this.e know about a first inside say this is busy place. the theater is in the west end. a busy neighborhood around christmastime. it is called the apollo theater in the british capital. it has been around 700 people
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inside. a number of people were trapped inside after the ceiling collapsed. this happened at 8:15 british time. we are hearing from some of the folks inside watching the performance. isat this moment, it massive. it just cameme down on people in the stalls. i can't imagine what it was like. >> a lot of people were quoted like them and in saying this was part of the show. i thought it was part of the show until they were hit by pieces of ceiling. dozens of people were injured. a seven of those have serious injuries. no reports of any deaths at this
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point. the apollo theater in west bend was built in 1901. the fire probably is around 700 people were inside. story,other big prosecutors will likely charge governor bob mcdonnell and his wife a connection with gift giving. they couldn't wait until he is out of office. reactionberg has a tonight. >> since news of the scandal broke last spring, he has repeatedly denied any allegations of wrongdoing. last week after it was made clear he and his wife would be charged, lawyers came to washington and apparently made a strong argument. mcdonnell's giftgiving scandal does not sit no -- is not sit well with many virginians. >> it is morally wrong.
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i think that they are playing favoritism. he should be treated equally as an average citizen would. >> special treatment at the top. not going to bring charges against the governor. >> prosecutors may be allowing the mcdonald's to plead their case again or allow the governor to finish this term before taking action. have a responsibility to federalican people >> prosecutors told they would be charged in connection with the scandal involving jonnie williams. legal action was reportedly delayed after lawyers met with the deputy attorney general on december 12.
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if prosecutors were to move forward, they should at least wait until the governor leaves office mid-january. mcdonnell was not asked about the investigation, only but his future plans. >> it is time to do something different. i cannot announce anything today. >> governor mcdonnell's term ends on january 11. terry mcauliffe takes office. according to the article, a decision on shawan road -- a decision on charges is expected by january 2. >> thank you. there are plans for the transition to power in virginia being finalized. terry mcauliffe campaign announced that event will begin january 4 with a day of service followed by three inaugural balls. he will take the oath of office on january 11. >> after a frigid start in december, a major warm-up is
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underway expected to last a busy holiday travel we can. doug hill joining us now with what to expect. >> outside we are in the lower 60s. just west of the metro area, taking youtube video of time lapse. day, temperatures got above freezing in the upper 40s. people enjoying the pleasant weather. a lot of the snow base in some areas is going to start to melt away. if you two in the nation's capital. good news tonight, not bitterly cold. temperatures a lot warmer now than they were this time yesterday. saturday and sunday, warmer still. first, a chilly night with to butchers in the 30s. >> thank you. new mexico has become the latest
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state to allow same-sex marriage. the supreme court said it is unconstitutional to deny marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. the ruling was unanimous. new mexico is no law banning or allowing same-sex marriage. ,7 states, including maryland now allow same-sex couples to marry. >> federal prosecutors are pushing back on claims that an indian diplomat was mistreated following her arrest for fraud. the us attorney in charge of the case of the depalma was not handcuffed, allowed to use her cell phone, and was offered food and coffee. the country's foreign minister accuses the housekeeper of blackmail. >> the manhattan attorney should consider his obligation to
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justice. >> the indian government removed the safety barricades outside of the u.s. embassy. the state department is trying to ease tensions and find a solution acceptable to everyone. >> injuries found two men inspired by al qaeda guilty of killing a british soldier. the family of liebert b says they are satisfied with the verdict. he was stabbed to death on a london street in may. the killers were english and raised as christians before converting to islam in their teens. the to call themselves brothers of allah. >> coming up, holiday shopping trip may have cost millions more than bargained for. aretarget customers vulnerable to financial fraud. >> a video trumps the --
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00. >> the montgomery county woman who was victim of a carjacking says that justice has been
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served. a judge sentenced a man to 35 part of a prosecutors say the crime was one of several violent robberies he committed stretching from anne arundel county to alexandria. >> i'm glad he is going to be in jail. i know that is a stiff sentence. it is more than a murderer gets. that there were four victims. tonight on abc seven at 11:00. >> thieves are making changes after seeing an officer using a taser on a suspect for 30 seconds. the video surfaced last month that shows a confrontation
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-- the joe young terminating featuringters are that only allows five second burst. one of those is the manassas man convicted in 1982 of mr. beating heroine. the president called his and other sentences harsh. the white house says the inmates would receive shorter prison terms if they were sentenced under current guidelines. next, live in falls church. if you did holiday shopping at target, hackers may have your number now.
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>> a consumer alert affecting as many as 40 million americans. target admits its computer systems were hacked. >> this exposed credit card information for millions of customers to fraud. kris van cleave is in falls church with what this means. the dates to remember. november 27, the day before thanksgiving, through last sunday, december 15. if you did holiday shopping at a target in falls church, if you use a debit card, that card may be compromised. the timing was perfect for the hackers. steal data form 40 million debit cards, swipe at the checkout
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at 1800 cards -- stores nationwide. >> if they can still let off the back of the card, they can create a second copy of it. >> it is possible you pay with a card. >> ok. i check my credit card every day. i haven't had any miscellaneous charges that i am not aware of. >> it makes you. -- it makes you a leary. >> the secret service is investigating. target will not say how the breach happened. it started november 27 and was not discovered until last sunday. >> what is likely is that some piece of software along the chain of transactions was compromised.
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>> it will ruin someone's christmas. .> the breach has been fixed we do not know if debit card pin numbers were also compromised. watch yourline, statements closely. if you see anything suspicious, call your bank or the credit card provider. reported right away. we are live tonight, kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> as the scaffolding comes off the washington monument, it will go up on capitol hill. we got a look at preparations for the capitol dome restoration project. the dome will be covered in scaffolding for two years. cracks,will fill 1000 repair broken pieces, and use a protective coating for the dome. it is the first major restoration in 50 years.
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>> it will be warmer tomorrow, warmer still on saturday. >> good. we need a break. justlook at a time lapse down the river from us in arlington. a beautiful day. high clouds at times. very mild temperatures if you're in the right place. the temperature of the water is so chilly in the 40s. the air itself was very warm. you will see it reflected in our temperatures. that is colder than 55 at reagan national. that is due to the fact that they water is so cold. the air will be cold tonight. it will remain above freezing. it'll be a nice way to wake up tomorrow morning. the actual high and low above average for the day. the temperatures tonight, they
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will stay above freezing. 39 degrees by morning. another batch coming in the high plains. we do not have to worry about that for a while. high-pressure is keeping things moving in our direction bringing warm air from the south. we have seen temperatures 20 degrees warmer. 11 degrees warmer at reagan national. a lot of similar numbers around the area. a few more days here with temperatures getting warmer each day. .e have high clouds going over we'll pick up showers and will give you an advance of the cold front. this lowern order, airmass will pull up southwesterly winds, boosting the temperature each day. on sunday, cold front will be developing and move through it will bring clouds.
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a sunday we may be getting close to 70 degrees. sunshine, 37 to start the day. a couple of areas a bit warmer. the mid 60s on sunday. that marks the winter solstice saturday. a warm day on saturday with clouds increasing. rain continuing monday morning. colder throughout the afternoon. lots of sunshine and highs in the lower 40s. >> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> are you ready to rename the nfl franchise yet? >> viewers are coming up with great names. the washington thin skins. the number of the season continues. jordan reed will sit out the rest of the season because of that concussion he suffered last month. bad news for the redskins.
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bad karma, you bet. what a mess this season has been. a guy stop me today and said here membered the franchise when they were the best, not the worst. >> i honestly have never seen anything like what is going on in washington. new yorkbe the old and yankees and billy martin. it is a soap opera. there are so many layers to what is going on in washington right now. you just wonder, could it ever be fixed? i guess they are going to blow it up again and start all over. who knows what they are going to do. >> the wizards are the champions of new york this week. they continued to show improvement. league in in the assists, they into the run with this free ball.
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washington wins. now 11-14. everybody happy. a great game between the pacers and he. look at lebron. talk about drama. he goes after chalmers. miami was down 14. indy,came back to beat 97-94. >> it is all family. i was wrong. i told him that. we move on. we've been there before. >> at looks like one of our production meetings and sports. i've always been told, don't talk yourself into a corner. the center this -- listen to this. >> nothing is going to happen here. unless it is the play of the century. way of the
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the miracle is answer. the announcer is off the hook. the devils with a little steel here. the goalie never had a chance. the reacharound was out of reach as a goalie. devils win, 5-2. -- a half-alf card court shot that wins raising cane stick and -- this just in, kobe bryant will miss six weeks with a fracture in his left knee. he is out for six weeks. tom wilson of the caps will not be suspended for his hit the other night. >> that was a big one. a subaru...
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>> the hard work of volunteers is paid off. they were able to place a reeves on the graves of a half american veterans this weekend. it includes arlington national cemetery and 900 other locations across the globe. >> we are glad we have nice weather around here to do that.
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by sunday, the clouds roll in with afternoon showers. clear monday. cold and sunny through christmas evening and christmas day. >> thank you. abc 7 news test abc news is coming up next.
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